2017 Tony Awards | Spinato's Pizzeria

2017 Tony Awards

The Tony Award, named for the late Tony Spinato, is an award given to one member of each restaurant who best exemplifies what Grandpa Tony stood for. He was a quiet, humble, hardworking man who came to work each day with the goal of commitment and service to the team, without expecting any recognition. He did the dirty work without complaint, and always gave his best to the guests, even after his retirement. His grandson Anthony Spinato describes Tony as, “The guy that you didn’t always know when he was there, but you could always tell when he wasn’t.” In his memory, Spinato’s Pizzeria began giving out Tony Awards at the annual company Christmas party in 2004. The winners of this award are some of the most reliable, committed and modest members of our team. They work diligently, knowing the impact they have without needing to hear it, just as Tony Spinato did.

To the winners of this award: we salute you. You keep this company running the way Grandpa Tony would have wanted it. 

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

Michael Alesi


Tempe Location

Heart of House, Pizza Cook

Length of Service: 1 year


Kayci Riggs


North Phoenix Location

Front of House, Guest Service Representative

Length of Service: 2.5 years

Corey Ellis


Central Phoenix Location

Front of House, Delivery Driver

Length of Service: 2.5 years

Anthony Hill


Scottsdale Location

Heart of House, Prep Cook

Length of Service: 11 months


Mike Watson


Ahwatukee Location

Front of House, Bartender

Length of Service: 4.5 years