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Employees of the Month – November ’16

Congratulations to our seven employees of the month. Your hard work and dedication makes you true ambassadors of “The Spinato’s Experience”.

Jerry Caldera

Tempe Location

Jerry goes again! Jerry is a long time veteran to Spinato’s and has been doing an amazing job since day one. He is not only reliable but a strong worker who not only works in our kitchen but also SFK. On top of that you will never ever hear a peep of complaint. If you ever need a good laugh or a random fact, he’s your guy!

You are greatly appreciated!


Andrew Dorsey

North Phoenix Location

Andrew has been with us for a year this month! His commitment to excellence and his dedication to constantly improving himself and those around him have made him our certified trainer on pizza line. He is also proficient in every other station around the kitchen. Outside of work Andrew enjoys relaxing at the lake with his Bell Rd. family members and doing some fishing.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!


Nicholus Hinshaw

Central Phoenix Location (Front of the House)

Although Nick has only been with us since July 17, 2016, he is the epitome of the type of family member we want on our team.  Though exceptional guest service can be a difficult thing to train, we are lucky to have Nick because he already possesses the essential qualities of promptness, courtesy, enthusiasm, and an attitude of cooperation and professionalism.
Nick has been so successful in this role as a GSR that we will soon be cross training him as a delivery driver.

Thank you for being a role model and part of our family!


Austin Bourgeois

Central Phoenix Location (Heart of the House)

Does he look familiar? Well he should, Austin is a 2 time Employee of the Month winner in the past 6 months! Austin has been a driving force in the Central PHX HOH for over 3 years, he has mastered all the stations. Austin is training to become a Shift Supervisor while he is still going to school full time to become a Physical Therapist. If he can find the free time between work and school he enjoys being outdoors hiking the Grand Canyon, out on the lakes or just driving around with his friends. Austin work ethic is by far his greatest strength. He is our positivity bug in the whole store you can’t help but smile when you see him working his station.

Congratulation on being AWESOME!


Cody Newman

Scottsdale Location

Cody is the Employee of the Month here at Spinato’s North Scottsdale for October as his contributions to our team are something that cannot be overlooked! Cody is one of our family members that can work at every single station in our kitchen! We have been blessed to have Cody as a part of our family for over 4 years now and value his vast contributions.  In his free time Cody loves to listen to electronic music, hang out with friends, play video games and attend concerts. His bubbly personality is contagious throughout our restaurant and our family would not be the same without him. We truly appreciate everything Cody brings to the table for our family here in Scottsdale and look forward to growing with him in the future!

Great job Cody!


Camden Six

Ahwatukee Location (Front of the House)

Camden Six is our Front of House Employee of the Month! Camden has been a part of our family for 3 months now and in that short time she has grown so much. She is the smiling face you see when you come in and will brighten your day on the way to your table. She is always in a good mood, positive and humble! The next time you come in and dine with us, you will know right away if she is the one that is greeting you because she will light up the room. If you see Camden, please be sure and congratulate her because she deserves it.

Thank you for a job well done and being a part of our family!!


Pablo Nevarez

Ahwatukee Location (Heart of the House)

Spinato’s Ahwatukee proudly proclaims Pablo Ivan Nevarez for our Heart of the House employee of the month. Not only is an amazing addition to our team, but you definitely know when he is not here! He is most known for his bright smile and the dedication he has to our work family.  He is such a joy to have and is definitely making a name for himself within our family here in Ahwatukee.

Thank you for always doing a great job!!!