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Employees of the Month – October ’18

Congratulations to our seven employees of the month. Your hard work and dedication makes you true ambassadors of “The Spinato’s Experience”.

Gina Chiarella

Tempe Location

Tempe is proud to announce this month employee of the month as the none other but Gina Chiarella! Gina has been part of our family for 3 months now. You can find her either working our take-out window or finding you and your family the perfect table. She is all smiles and laughs while here and you can’t help but feel the same when she is around. When Gina is not at work, she is a full-time student at ASU studying literature. She also is a huge animal lover.

Thank you Gina for all your hard work!

Joshua Pierce

North Phoenix Location

Bell road is pleased to name Joshua Pierce our employee of the month! Josh has been with us just over a month and has quickly become our go-to guy for everything kitchen related. The man is a workaholic and has already learned multiple positions in the kitchen. Joshua’s a great team player and is committed to delivering nothing but the best pizza in town. He’s a southern boy from North Carolina, he’s a big football fan, and loves the Panthers. Next time you’re in and he makes you a delicious pizza congratulate him on a job well done!

Amazing job Joshua!

Lizzie Avila

Central Phoenix Location (Front of the House)

Our Front of House Employee of the Month is Elizabeth Avila! Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she prefers, is one of our newest cashiers and has been with the family about 2 months, but you would never guess it. Since day one she has been a Rockstar and has mastered everything we’ve thrown at her. Last month when we sold desserts to raise money for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, she was one of the top sellers in the company! Lizzie is super smart (she wants to study Organic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering – yikes!), and an absolute pleasure to work with. We are so grateful to have her on our team and it won’t be long before she’s cross trained in every other Front of House position.

Thank you, Lizzie!

Kristopher Schmid

Central Phoenix Location (Heart of the House)

Our Heart of the House Employee of the Month is Kristopher Schmid. Kris has been with the family over 4 years now and has worked at multiple locations, but we are lucky he has stuck with us the longest! Kris is an absolute beast in the kitchen. He can work any position flawlessly and helps train our new staff because his food is always on point and takes so much pride in putting out a perfect product for our guests. He’s currently going to school for a degree in Chemical Engineering (yep, he’s crazy smart too!) but we hope we don’t lose him once he graduates, Kris is definitely one in a million. He makes everyone laugh and after a stressful shift he’s the one high fiving everyone and keeping spirits high.

We love you Kris and thank you for all you do for us!

Jeffrey Machemer

Scottsdale Location

Jeffrey has been a part of our North Scottsdale family for a few short months now and has become such a big part of our team! He works so hard and has learned a lot since coming on board.   Jeffrey is a junior in high school and on his free time he likes to play video games and play with his Bearded Dragons, Gecko and 2 Chihuahuas.

Thanks, Jeffrey for all you do! We appreciate you!

Kristen Malley

Ahwatukee Location (Front of the House)

Store 5 is pleased to announce Kristen Malley as our employee of the month. She has worked for the company for the last 4 years. Kristen’s favorite menu item is the Baked Spaghetti Calzone. She is currently enrolled at ASU studying Marketing.

Thank you, Kristen for all you do!

Cody Rogers

Ahwatukee Location (Heart of the House)

The Ahwatukee location would like to announce our Heart of House employee of the month to be Cody Rogers. Cody has been with the company for three years and is a dedicated, hardworking individual that knows every position in the kitchen. He was our 2017 Tony award winner and anytime we need someone, he is the man to call. When he is not at work frying wings or making beautiful pizzas, he is working with his dad on his 1950’s VW bus.

Thank you, Cody! You’re amazing!