The History of Spinato's Pizzeria in Phoenix, Arizona

About the Family

When you think of Phoenix, you think of…well, you probably don’t think of pizza. At least Ken and Elaine Spinato didn’t back in 1971 when they were living in Chicago! The cold, blustery winters and the hot, humid summers left a lot to be desired, so when the time came for the family to make a move, Phoenix was at the top of the list. There was one hesitation, though–Ken was (and still is) a pizza connoisseur.

Problem solved: Ken decided that the family would introduce the authentic taste of great Chicago-style pizza to the people of Arizona.

Ken, Elaine and their infant daughter, Nicole, moved to Phoenix in 1974 and opened their first pizzeria. Within a year, their son, Anthony, was born and Grandma and Grandpa Spinato had joined them in the desert sunshine!

That’s when Spinato’s truly became “The Family Pizzeria.”

Over the next 30 years, Spinato’s grew through word-of-mouth. People responded to the authentic Italian flavors and real family atmosphere, and many of Spinato’s customers have become treasured friends over the years.

Every guest was and still is treated like a member of the Spinato’s family, and family is never considered just a customer-Spinato’s way of doing business is what eventually became known as the Spinato’s Experience. Every visit to a Spinato’s restaurant means the focus is on the guest, providing the best food and the real family ambiance that you can expect every time you visit. It’s the family legacy of great food and great people.

Today, the Spinato family is still intricately involved in every aspect of the restaurants, making sure every customer enjoys both the time-tested recipes and the classic Spinato’s hospitality.

La Famiglia Spinato!