Why We Love Games at Work:

A Day in the Life of a HQ Family Member

We all know by now that Spinato’s isn’t your average company. There are so many things about the way the Spinato’s family run their business that attract not only customers, but team members as well. It’s all part of The Spinato’s Experience. But what about a little bit more behind the scenes? Wanna take a look into the secret lives of the Spinato’s Headquarters workers? I’ll give you a little spoiler: they are happy, happy people. Fostering and providing a work environment where people can thrive in all spheres is important to the family, and they do a great job of following through. So let’s dive in to a day in the lives of HQ Family Members!

Mornings typically start by us all moseying into the kitchen for a fresh pot of coffee and a quick social call before we dive into the work day. Our kitchen is always stocked full of food and drinks so that everyone is comfortable and has access to anything they might need. Throughout the work day, team members have areas throughout the office to gather and spend a little time together. Let’s explore!

In the middle of it all… GAMES!!!

In order to keep our inner children alive and our morale and commitment to community up, we have three - count ‘em, 1, 2, 3! - games in the center of our offices. You want to play corn hole? We got it. Wanna duel in a round or two of ping-pong? We got you. Do you need to get your fix of pacman?? Y’all… We. Got. You. There’s plenty of space and just as much freedom to work hard and play harder.

Now, at the same time that we’re keeping our inner children alive, we also have to keep our actual children alive and entertained! For those summer days when school is out and the babysitter is at the lake, we have dedicated an office space for the Spinato’s kids! A classroom, playroom, and nap room all in one! We gave one of the kiddos the task of decorating and we think she did a pretty great job! What do you think?

And lastly, perhaps the most important room of all… the massage chair room. Bet you don’t have one of these where you work. A fabulous massage chair lives in a quiet office (the one right across from mine. SO convenient) off the main area. Sometimes you need to unwind and let the chair knead out all the stress from your body. And we got that.

It’s pretty safe to say that working in the Spinato’s HQ facility is enjoyable and welcoming. All these things keep us happy, healthy, and extra productive! We love Spinato’s and we love working here! As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table! Alla Salute!