A classic combination that never ceases to satisfy: Pizza and beer/wine. Our restaurants know this all too well, and our new take-home Broccoli Crust pizzas were formulated with this in mind. I know I love a good brewski to go along with my pizza pie, but I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea how to pair a wine or beer with my particular pizza properly. And I figured, you know, that I can’t be the only one out there who doesn’t know the science behind food and drink, so, I went the the good ole google machine and did some button mashing. With the help of some other awesome blogs, I found some really cool info on how to pair properly. And, as a blogger myself, it is my job - nay, my duty, to share this vital information with all of my favorite people here at The Spinato’s Family Table. So, without further ado, break out your pen and paper to take notes, because I’m about to take you all to school!

First things first, choose your pizza! Unless of course, you like to pair backwards like me, then choose your favorite drink first and then pair it with a pizza later! Either way, choose your fighter.

Let’s start with a fan favorite: Pepperoni.

Really any meaty pizzas add a savory spiciness that pair well with lighter drinks that have a crisp finish. These elements really balance each other out to make for a well-rounded dining experience (pretty fancy words for pizza and beer, huh). Lagers with a touch of bitterness work best with meat pizzas. As far as wines go, the meatier the pizza, the more intense you want the flavor of your wine. Drier wines like Zinfandels and Cabernets provide that balance that we’re all looking for.

Cheese or plainer pizzas: These pizzas tend to be very cheese-forward, so we are not combating with many toppings with our beverages. Because of this, we have some more room for heavier flavors in our beers and wines. Go for some darker beers or medium-bodied wines like syrahs, chiantis, and cabernets to pair with your cheese and plainer pizzas.

Veggie Pizzas: Now believe it or not, veggie pizzas are very flavorful and already have a lot going on on top. So, we are looking for drinks that are not very heavy and don’t bring a whole lot of flavor forward. Look for low-intensity and hoppy beers, and lighter wines like rose or sauvignon blancs. They will give a great balance and add a big bow to the top of your meal!

Supreme or combo pizzas: These kinds of pizzas include veggies and meats, so there is already a balanced combination of sweet and savory going on, and we don’t need to pull in their flavors from heavier drinks in order to add balance. Go for a hoppy IPA with a fruity undertone or a white wine with sweetness and medium acidity like rieslings for a perfect pairing.

And there you have it! I bet you’ll never eat pizza the same again. I went to some of my fellow bloggers to get some affirmation on my choices of pairings, so join me in a big “thank you” to Drizly and The Spruce Eats for being awesome food and drink people and helping us all out! Here are links to their particular pages if you want to check them out!

As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table, See you next week! Alla Salute!