Employees of the Month - August '16 | Spinato's Pizzeria

Employees of the Month – August ’16

Congratulations to our seven employees of the month. Your hard work and dedication makes you true ambassadors of “The Spinato’s Experience”.

Juliette Villagomez

Tempe Location

Juliette is a breath of fresh air every time you see her! She always has a great smile and the best laugh! You can hear her “smile” when she engages our guests on a phone order! Juliette is always quick to show her appreciation, and she always gives the Spinato’s Experience to her guests and her team. Juliette enjoys movies, especially comedies (hence her love of laughter!), and loves to strike up some competition in a friendly game of volleyball.  We are so glad that Juliette is part of our family. She enhances our lives with her heartfelt enthusiasm. Thanks for always being there for us, your kindness and courtesy is second to none!

Congratulations, Juliette!


Kayci Riggs

North Phoenix Location

Kayci has been welcoming guests in the door with us for almost a year and a half, and we don’t know how we got along without her. She always is there to lend a hand and shows that she cares about each and every one she meets. Kayci is going to school for communications, but in her free time loves to go to the movies. If she answers the phone the next time you call for a pizza, congratulate her on a job well done!

Good job, Kayci!


Conan Zimmerman

Central Phoenix Location (Front of the House)

Conan has been with the company for over 13 years now! He is the definition of commitment to excellence and he lives and breathes teamwork! Whether he’s serving, bartending, or managing the floor, Conan is here almost every day – but when he’s not, he’ll most likely be playing music with his band, at a concert, or getting down on some sushi with his girlfriend or friends. He always has the backs of anyone he’s working with, his regulars absolutely love him, and he truly is part of the family. I don’t know what we would do without your amazing attitude and stellar work ethic. We appreciate everything you do!

Thanks Conan, you’re the best!

Carmen Martinez

Central Phoenix Location (Heart of the House)

Carmen started working on the pizza line 6 months ago, and quickly worked her way up to a full time family member that makes all of our daily prep items, sandwiches and, of course, is still making beautiful pizzas. It’s safe to say if you have ordered anything from our restaurant lately, Carmen has had a hand in making it! She comes to work every day with a smile on her face and will pick up any shift needed. Carmen has such a caring nature and has even “adopted” some of the younger team members while at work, offering to give others them a ride home, or stay late to make sure no one needs an extra hand. When she is not at work, she is at home with her kids helping them with school work – Carmen is always so selfless! We thank Carmen for all that she does and want to encourage her to continue to grow with us and develop our other family members.

Woo hoo, Go Carmen!

Alex Costello

Scottsdale Location

Alex has been with us for a year and a half working in the heart of the house (kitchen).  He is a daytime guy that has mastered prep, salads and sandwiches and due to his great work ethic, has just been promoted to being a lead in the kitchen for us.  When he is not at work making it happen, he is an avid gamer!  Congrats Alex, we are excited to see even more big things to come!

Keep up the good work, Alex!


Seth Jastrab

Ahwatukee Location (Front of the House)

Seth has been with our family for just over a year. He started off in our heart of the house rolling out pizza shells and getting saucy on our sauté line. Now you can find Seth in our front of the house, either mixing up signature cocktails or out on the floor delivering the “Spinato’s Experience.” Seth radiates positivity and is always willing to help out his team! With his caring nature, commitment to excellence, and desire to grow, we expect great things from this guy!

Keep it up, Seth!


Kristie Searle

Ahwatukee Location (Heart of the House)

In September, Kristie will have been with the company for 1 year.  She always shows up to work extra early and with a positive attitude.  She is an employee that you can count on to come in and cover a shift if another family member can’t work.  Her hard work and commitment to excellence has made her Ahwatukee’s newest lead cook.  Keep up the good work.

Thank you for all that you do!