Employees of the Month - March 2016 | Spinato's Pizzeria

Employees of the Month – March 2016

Congratulations to our six employees of the month. Your hard work and dedication makes you true ambassadors of “The Spinato’s Experience”.

Ian Carver

Tempe Location

Ian has been with us for over a year now, and has become a solid part of our Tempe crew!  He is one of quickest and efficient pizza cooks, as well as one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  If you’ve been into the Tempe location you have probably heard his unrecognizable laugh, or seen his fiery red hair.  Outside of work, Ian loves to play video games and listen to classical jazz. Thanks for all your hard work!

Keep it up, Ian!

Andrea Leal

Central Phoenix Location (Front of the House)

Andrea started as a GSR at our Bell Road location and immediately stood out as a rockstar!  She is amazing in everything she does and is so much fun to work with.  Now, a year and a half later since her start with our family, Andrea has made her way over here to central Phoenix and again proved herself to be a stellar cashier, GSR, certified trainer, and soon-to-be server.  Look out for her when you stop in, she’ll probably be running the place soon!

Thanks for being so great Andrea!

Kevin Quintanar

Central Phoenix Location (Heart of the House)

Kevin (AKA Kevlar) started out with us in May 2014 as a dishwasher.  Over that past year and half he has moved his way on up into the kitchen and now is a seasoned sandwich master as well as one of our newest dough rollers.  He has always shined when put into a new position.  Kevin may be soft-spoken in the kitchen, but his presence is loud, from the hats he wears to the smile on his face down to the shoes that always match his pants.  Kevlar makes our family and store a little happier each day he is here.  Come on by our Central Phoenix location and have a hand-crafted sandwich or freshly rolled calzone made by Kevin.

Congrats, Kevlar!

Chris Holmes

Scottsdale Location

Chris is not just a fantastic pizza cook, he is also our Heart of House lead!  He is a great leader, always willing to get his hands dirty at any station in need.  He comes in early and stays late whenever we need him.  Chris always has a smile on his face and can always make everyone else smile, too!

Thank you for everything you do Chris!

Maria Mihaylov

Ahwatukee Location (Front of the House)

Maria has been with us for almost a year and is doing and outstanding job. Maria started as a guest service representative and worked her way up to become a server. She is committed to providing our guests with the Spinato’s experience as well as providing a great attitude and teamwork.  She is a wonderful addition to our team.

Great job, Maria!

Jack Barendrick

Ahwatukee Location (Heart of the House)

We’ve only known Jack for three short months, but he has met and exceeded our expectations by far!  Jack is responsible for making the delicious pizzas that our guests order, and he always delivers the Spinato’s Experience that they deserve. Jack has a great attitude and we are truly blessed to have him.

Thanks for being so awesome Jack!