Welcome to July! This month we are celebrating summer, fun, and our Family Members of the Month! Join us in congratulating these individuals for their amazing work with us at Spinato's!


Shakay “Tay” Hawkins is our superstar prep/dish. Tay preps 6 days a week for us and does an extraordinary job! Outside of Spinato’s, Tay spends her time making YouTube videos. We are lucky to have Tay on our team!


Spinato's in North Scottsdale is proud to announce Dominic Bono as our Employee of the Month! Dom has been with our family for 2 years now. He started as a dishwasher and quickly moved to other stations in the kitchen. You will now find him either creating your favorite pizza or cutting it into perfect squares!! Dom enjoys spending time with his friends and family and just graduated from high school. He loves basketball and can outplay a lot of other players - promise. He is kind, professional, a team player, and very humble. We are lucky to have him!! Congrats, Dom - you deserve this!


​Happy to announce the employee of the month of June, Jacob Licko. Jacob has been with us for about 4 years. He has showed us what the meaning of hard work and the commitment to excellence is! When Jacob is not making great looking pizza's and salads, he enjoys playing basketball with friends. If he is not playing ball you can catch him playing trivia Friday nights! Thank you for your hard work!


Our employee of the month pick is Eduardo "Lalo" Martinez.  Lalo has been a part of the Spinato's family for 6 years now.  He's always willing to come in early, stay late, or cover a shift whenever we need him.  Lalo knows every station in the kitchen and trains all the new hires as well.  Thanks for your commitment to excellence Lalo!


Store 5 is pleased to announce Anne Schultz as our EOM. Anne has been with the company for 3 years, loves the turkey pesto sandwich, and her favorite thing about working at Spinato's is her family members!


Store 5 is pleased to announce Dylan Greer as our EOM. Dylan has been with the company just over a month and has very quickly started to become one of our Rockstars! He is a junior at Corona Del Sol. In his free time he enjoys driving around with his girlfriend looking at houses, hanging out with friends, playing soccer, and walking his dog. His favorite menu item is the Nicole's New Favorite, and really enjoys all his co-workers.


Scottsdale Spinato's would like to congratulate Martin Cottone as our Employee Of the Month. Marty has only been with us a couple of months but has been a huge impact in our kitchen. He started off as a dishwasher and moved up to rolling dough for pizzas. He was born in Chicago and loves to watch TV and hang out with his friends in his free time. He is very kind, passionate, and truly represents the Spinato's culture! Thank you, Marty for being a part of our family.


We are proud to announce Suzanne Martin as our employee of the month, Suzanne has been with the family over eight years. She is an ESP and always shows up for work at least 30 minutes before she is scheduled! It seems like she knows most of the guest orders before they order, the guest really love her. Most of the guest request her! Suzanne loves spending time with her family. She recently got married, and when she's not here she likes to spend time working out at home or at the gym.


Tony, who has been with the company for close to 4 years, has been a huge help lately keeping the shop running smoothly. He's helped with a little bit of everything from cleaning projects to computer outages to closing the shop when someone gets a cold. He's the consummate professional and we're lucky to have him around. Stop by the Central Phoenix location and say congratulations!


Tempe is proud to announce our most recent Front of House employee of the month is Alexandra Tartaglio. Alex has been with our Spinatos' family for many years and continues to strive for greatness. Her commitment to excellence and teamwork is not only appreciated but also a way to show new employees how to lead by example. Her friendly, outgoing, and bubbly personality makes her a fan favorite with guests and most definitely a memorable part of their overall experience. Next time you see her shoot her a smile you are sure to get one back and please let her know what a great job she's doing!​