Extending Family Dinner to Family Night


Welcome back to The Spinato’s Family Table! We’ve had so much fun talking about the different ways to gear up for Family Meal Month and participating in this campaign! We hope that you have gotten some golden nuggets out of the blog and can utilize some of the tips and tricks to suit you and your family’s needs. At Spinato’s, family and community are the most important things to us - which is one of the reasons we were so quick to jump on this campaign for September! So, we wanted to take Family Dinner and extend it to Family Night, launching connections and making memories after dinner is gone. Here’s how you can turn family dinner into a family-filled evening in 5 simple steps:

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  1. Make the food good enough to stick around for. The better the food, the easier it is to get people to come AND to stay. Reference September’s first blog to get easy and delicious recipe ideas!
  2. Foster connection through conversation. Reference our most recent post for conversation starters and ideas to get people sharing and communicating at your round table. 
  3. Make cleaning up a group effort. If everyone has to stay after eating to help clean up, it eliminates opportunities for people to bolt away right after finishing their meal. Cleaning up together not only also fosters a sense of community and togetherness, but it also serves as a segue to whatever after-dinner activity you have planned.
  4. Have an after-dinner activity planned. Whether it’s a movie, going out for dessert, or a competitive card game, have an activity planned that everyone can join in on after dinner. Try a different activity each time to see what resonates with whom and adjust to suit the needs of you and your family. 
  5. Keep it natural!  We can all tell when it’s forced, so just don’t force it. If the first couple of nights don’t go exactly as planned, don’t lose hope! Keep trying - these new habits take getting used to for everybody. Give it time. 

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And just like that, you have yourself a well-oiled Family Night machine. These nights can be so special to families, creating memories that will last a lifetime and moments that are more valuable than most. We have this in our family and want all of you to experience it in yours. We hope your next Family Night goes smashingly! Thanks so much for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table! Alla Salute!