June RockSTAR Award | Spinato's Pizzeria

STAR stands for: Situation.Task.Action.Result!

The Spinato’s RockSTAR Award, implemented in March 2015, is an honor given to one restaurant manager each month that shows exemplary decision-making and leadership skills.

We select a manager who we believe has shown that he/she is able to confront a Situation or Task, take Action to handle the circumstances, and anticipate the impact (Result) of those actions taken. Our RockSTARs not only do what is expected of them, but go above and beyond when making decisions that affect not only themselves and the restaurant, but their employees and our valued guests.

Our June RockSTAR is none other than Brandon Madore, General Manager of our Ahwatukee location.  Name and title shortened, he is affectionately known as BM da GM!  Brandon has been with our company since 2011, and was there when we opened our Ahwatukee location.  He began as a server and bartender, and then started moving up the ranks as a front of house lead, front of house manager, and finally stepped into the general manager role in May 2014.

Brandon is a fantastic leader, finding the perfect balance between being “the boss” and being a friend!  His employees love and respect him, and our guests always enjoy seeing his smiling face.  On top of the many hours a week he works at the restaurant, Brandon just finished his degree in psychology at University of Arizona, and is looking forward to pursuing pediatrics in the years to come.  He is a true family man and diligent leader, and we are honored to give him this award!  Congratulations, BM – you “rock”!

BM da GM and owner Ken Spinato