May RockSTAR Award | Spinato's Pizzeria

STAR stands for: Situation.Task.Action.Result!

The Spinato’s RockSTAR Award, implemented in March 2015, is an honor given to one restaurant manager each month that shows exemplary decision-making and leadership skills.

We select a manager who we believe has shown that he/she is able to confront a Situation or Task, take Action to handle the circumstances, and anticipate the impact (Result) of those actions taken. Our RockSTARs not only do what is expected of them, but go above and beyond when making decisions that affect not only themselves and the restaurant, but their employees and our valued guests.

Our May RockSTAR award is given to Jenell Little, the General Manager of our Central Phoenix restaurant.  Jenell started with us in 2010, and began her Spinato’s journey as a server at our North Phoenix location.  Jenell’s leadership potential was easy to spot right from the start, and it wasn’t long before she moved up to a front of house manager, and then became the general manager at the North Phoenix location.

Her next challenge came as the general manager of the Ahwatukee location (our largest at the time), where she brought her team-oriented mission on board to help restore the culture.  She has now settled in as the general manager at our newest location in Central Phoenix, and continues to strive for a solid team environment in every way she can.  Jenell recently accompanied our corporate team to a leadership conference in California, and returned eager to share her knowledge with the rest of her management staff.

We are so thrilled to have Jenell on board with us to handle each and every situation that comes her way.  She is loved by employees and guests alike, and we look forward to watching her continue to grow within our family!

Jenell Little & Ken Spinato