NYE Party Hosting 101


This New Year is a big one - the turn of the decade!  Everyone wants to throw the best New Years Eve party to ring in the long-awaited year 2020.  For the last blog post of 2019, I am going to give you a few key tips to ensure that your New Years Eve party is one for the books.  Here’s how to make sure everyone is happy at your NYE celebration!


The Theme
  • Please, whatever you do, do not throw a Roaring Twenties themed New Years Eve party for 2020.  It was our prom theme, our homecoming theme, our birthday party themes, and yes, I even attended a wedding that looked like it came straight out of The Great Gatsby.  I think it’s safe to say, we have exhausted the roaring twenties theme.
  • Themes are fun, but so is just spending time with your favorite people over food and music and connection.  Don’t feel like your party needs a theme! As long as you nail the next tip, your party will ROCK.
The Food
  • One of the biggest struggles of party hosting is making sure everyone is fed and fed well.  Dietary restrictions, allergies, and the all-important factor of deliciousness make is nearly impossible to find a main course that fits everyone’s needs AND taste buds.  Well, Spinato’s has the solution!
  • PIZZA!!!  It’s a fact that everyone loves pizza.  Gluten-Free friends coming to your party?  Our Broccoli Crust Pizzas are totally gluten-free, and totally delicious, with vegetarian options toppings-wise as well.  What about your vegan neighbors coming over? Order our traditional Gluten-Free crust and substitute mozzarella for our vegan cheese (or go no cheese!) for the ultimate vegan pizza experience! 
The Ball Drop
  • The most important part of any New Years Eve celebration is the moment the ball drops and the new year begins.  This year’s ball drop is even more important because it will be the start of a whole new decade! So make sure to round everyone up and make the countdown big - there won’t be another one like it for another decade! 


I cannot tell you how fun it has been writing for you all every week since we began this blog in 2019.  As we welcome the turn of a new decade, blogs will no longer be a weekly occurrence, but instead will posted once a month!  We have so many fun things planned for 2020, we can’t wait for what’s in store! For the last time this year, thank you for joining me at The Spinato’s Family Table.  May your 2020 be filled with happiness. Alla Salute!