October RockSTAR Award | Spinato's Pizzeria

STAR stands for: Situation.Task.Action.Result!

The Spinato’s RockSTAR Award, implemented in March 2015, is an honor given to one restaurant manager each month that shows exemplary decision-making and leadership skills.

We select a manager who we believe has shown that he/she is able to confront a Situation or Task, take Action to handle the circumstances, and anticipate the impact (Result) of those actions taken. Our RockSTARs not only do what is expected of them, but go above and beyond when making decisions that affect not only themselves and the restaurant, but their employees and our valued guests.

October’s RockSTAR award goes to Steven Williams, assistant kitchen manager at our Tempe location.  Affectionately nicknamed Stee, he was a great choice for our RockSTAR because of his eagerness to learn and willing attitude – he will pitch in anywhere needed!  Exhibit A: when our Spinato’s Fine Foods retail division received an unusually large order, Steven was one of the first to jump in, don the gluten-free lab coat, and crank out hours upon hours of extra work to help fill the order.

Steven originally started at the Ahwatukee location making desserts, and moved over to Tempe when the need arose for an AKM.  He is a great example of what we aspire to be – positive and with a caring nature, he always shows concern for others.  Steven has a big personality that you can’t miss – he’s constantly cracking jokes and you can hear his silly laugh from a mile away!  We are so glad to have him around to make us smile.  Thanks for being you, Stee, and keep on keepin’ on with your RockSTAR attitude!

Steven Williams & Ken Spinato