Quality Ingredients Straight from the Source | Spinato's Pizzeria

Quality Ingredients Straight from the Source

Every year we trek to California to visit our mozzarella provider’s cheese plant to personally make sure it’s of the highest quality. The best cheese starts with the best milk, which we believe comes from happy, healthy cows.

Like Spinato’s, our cheese company and its employees respect all living creatures, so they ensure all cows are comfortable, well fed and well cared for. They have a zero tolerance policy for willful animal cruelty and are not afraid to end relationships with any dairies or farms that do so. It’s good for business to have happy cows that produce healthy milk, but it’s also just the right thing to do.

The quality and integrity of animal care also crosses over into the cheese-making process. By personally visiting the cheese plant, our Spinato’s team can ensure the mozzarella on your pizza is as healthy and delicious as possible. We inspect for pathogens, unnecessary additives and food safety. We also taste test the cheese (we know, it’s a tough job) so we can stand behind what we serve in our restaurants.

Our cheese plant visits are always a fun time, but they do play an important role in our process. We believe in providing our guests with the best ingredients possible and never want to serve you anything we deem less than the best. It’s how we’ve been operating for more than 40 years, and it’s how we’ll operate for at least 40 more.