September Employees of the Month | Spinato's Pizzeria

September Employees of the Month

Congratulations to our seven employees of the month. Your hard work and dedication makes you true ambassadors of “The Spinato’s Experience”.

Brad Roche

Tempe Location

Brad is a seasoned server at our store. He started off working in the kitchen many years ago, but he made his way to the front of the house and has been a key player ever since. His sense of humor comes out every day and is always making his fellow team members laugh. When Brad is not crushing it here at Spinato’s, you can find him dancing at an EDM show or cheering on his AZ sports teams.

Thank you Brad, you are amazing!

Will Hooper

North Phoenix Location

Will is a kitchen extraordinaire!  He can do anything and everything in the kitchen and usually does – as you can tell by his photo, Will isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the kitchen!   He helps lead us through each shift, making sure that every pizza that comes out of our kitchen is perfect for our guests’ enjoyment.  Thanks for your constant hard work!

We couldn’t do it without you, Will!

Bobby Boykin

Central Phoenix Location (Front of the House)

Bobby has been with us for only five short months, but we can’t imagine our bar without him!  He will make all of your specialty drinks with 2oz of dedication, 1oz of talent and a splash of passion!  We are very happy to have him as a part of our family.  Bobby recently won the summer Featured Pizza award because his pizza creations are as delicious as his bar drinks!

Great work, Bobby, keep it up!

Connor Klein

Central Phoenix Location (Heart of the House)

Connor has been with us since the opening here at Central Phoenix.  He works in our sauté station, creating pasta perfection! He is very dedicated and we are happy to have him as a part of our family.  He has been cross-trained on the pizza line and will know the whole kitchen soon.  The next time you enjoy your pasta, know that it was made with love!

Congrats, Connor!

Paul Peacock

Scottsdale Location

Paul is an all-around team player! He is always willing to cover any shift. Not only is he a fantastic delivery driver, but he is also a full-time firefighter. He can save your life and bring you pizza with a smile – just like a modern day Superman!

Thanks for all you do, Paul!

Maria Mihaylov

Ahwatukee Location (Front of the House)

Maria has been part of our front of the house team since June and is doing an outstanding job! Maria is responsible for delivering our amazing food to your table – but that’s not all she does. She also helps us provide exceptional guest service as well as supplying us with much-welcomed smiles and laughter (ask her about the story of her curling iron – you’ll see what we mean!).

Congrats on a job well done, Maria!

Edgar Ayala Rivera

Ahwatukee Location (Heart of the House)

Edgar has been with us for just over a month and let it be known: he has done nothing but amaze us! Edgar provides our team with the sparkling clean dishes that are necessary to serve our guests their amazing food. If it weren’t for Edgar taking so much pride and productivity in the work he does, we would not be able to offer our Spinato’s Experience. Thank you for your efforts and we look forward to a great journey ahead!

Congratulations, Edgar!