September RockSTAR Award | Spinato's Pizzeria

STAR stands for: Situation.Task.Action.Result!

The Spinato’s RockSTAR Award, implemented in March 2015, is an honor given to one restaurant manager each month that shows exemplary decision-making and leadership skills.

We select a manager who we believe has shown that he/she is able to confront a Situation or Task, take Action to handle the circumstances, and anticipate the impact (Result) of those actions taken. Our RockSTARs not only do what is expected of them, but go above and beyond when making decisions that affect not only themselves and the restaurant, but their employees and our valued guests.

This month’s RockSTAR was done a little bit differently – usually, the award goes to a manager at one of our stores.  This month, however, we gave the award to our HOH Operations Manager, Terry Wiberg.  Why, you ask?  Because Terry was awesome enough to step out of his usual role and take over at our Scottsdale location as acting GM for almost two months!

A little bit about Terry – he started with us when he was 16, as a dishwasher.  Now, we won’t tell you how old he is, but that was 14 years ago (you do the math).  We are so lucky that he has stuck around with us for so long, because Terry has worked just about every management position available – from kitchen manager to general manager, and all the way up into our Family Headquarters, where he now works in HOH operations.  Terry wears many hats and has just as many nicknames (lookin’ at you, Perry).  He adds the perfect amount of silly awkwardness to our team – and for someone without kids, his Dad Jokes are unparalleled!

Luckily for us, when a management spot opened up at Scottsdale, Terry was willing to jump in and tackle it, and he worked there diligently and without complaint until our new GM was all trained up and ready to go!  Thanks for all that you do, Terry.  You help us achieve our Commitment to Excellence every day, and we are so glad to have you as a part of our family!

Perry Whyberd