Spinato’s Secrets 

Skip the Wait


It's not called a Secret Sauce Society for nothing.



The newsletter -that I know you’re signed up for, right?- comes with special deals, coupons, and insider information that is NOT available to the general public. That’s why it’s a Secret Sauce Society Newsletter (we couldn’t find a good word for newsletter that started with an “S” for the alliteration, okay. We tried). But we want to share some more saucy secrets with you. That’s why we’re starting this little inner-blog series to give you a little insider look at the inner workings of Spinato’s! 


The first secret we are going to uncover for you is how to skip the wait! Now, we all know that Spinato’s is a first-come first-serve basis - no reservations required. Because of this, our wait time can build up around rushes, and can even vary by the time you call to ask what the wait is, and the time you arrive to put a name on the list. This can be frustrating when you’re hangry! So when do you come in to eat if you don’t want to have 14 people ahead of you on the list. It’s all about the timing.

If you want a restaurant that’s more or less to yourself, I’d suggest coming in between 2pm and 3pm. This is the time that servers use to clean up after the lunch rush, and get ready for the dinner rush. Which means, you will have a server who isn’t juggling 6 tables, just you and 1 or 2 others. Nice! AND, because these servers still have side work to accomplish, you don’t have to be afraid of the lingering server who checks on you every 2 minutes because they have nothing else to do. It’s the perfect balance for a slow, calm, and relaxing service. 


If you want a popping restaurant that is full, but not quite on a big wait yet, 4-5 is your window. If you’re in a social mood, ready to be out and about with the world, but still have yourself in a seat and fed quickly, see you at 4pm! If you get to the 6pm and beyond window, that’s when everyone else is getting dinner too. You’ll be looking at a bit of a wait. 


At any rate and at any time you come in, the wait (however long or short it is) is always worth it. As soon as that first bite of ‘za hits your tummy, all worries and frustrations are gone with the wind! We hope this little tid-bit of insider information helps you get yourself and your families fed and happy! For us, that’s the art of pizza. 


As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table! Alla Salute!