Spinato’s Thankful List 


As Thanksgiving commences this week, it’s important to take some time to slow down, be still, and reflect. The hustle and bustle of the holidays tends to get to us, make us frantic and anxious so that we can hardly enjoy this special time with loved ones. In order to avoid this, I thought it would be valuable to put the question in my coworkers’ heads: What are you thankful for this holiday season? I encourage you to do the same with yourself and your families as the holidays roll in. To help inspire you, I compiled an array of things that we at Spinato’s are thankful for.


  • Ken Spinato (the man, the myth, the legend himself): This year, Ken is thankful for having God in his life, as well as being surrounded by his family. Ken is especially grateful for his legacy through his business here in Arizona, watching it grow stronger and touch more lives every year.


  • Michaela in Marketing: As all the hustle and bustle of the year comes to an end, Michaela is thankful for having a loving and healthy family, and a solid roof over all of their heads - that’s what makes it all worth it!


  • Natalie in Exec: Across the hall, Natalie is grateful for having health for her and her family, as well as a home to share with her loved ones. 


  • Amanda in SFF: As 2020 approaches, Amanda is thankful for her mistakes, as she has and is continuously learning from them.


  • Veronica in Marketing: This year, Veronica is thankful for all of her loved ones and the support she’s had this year, as well as Werther’s Original caramels - she loves those little guys!


  • Chris in SFF: Chris is thankful for a year void of sickness and pain - he’s been a healthy guy this year! He is also grateful for all of the wonderful people in his life.


I hope this list brought you a little inspiration and got you in the holiday mood as the season turns the corner. Take some time to enjoy special moments with loved ones this week. As always, thanks so much for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table. And from all of us at Spinato’s, Happy Thanksgiving! Alla Salute!