Starting your Holiday Checklist Early 

I don’t know how it happened, but guys… it’s November. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that these past couple months - almost the whole year, really! - have really flown by. November and December are filled with holidays, celebrations, birthdays, family gatherings, harvests/solstices, and a whole lot of FOOD! The time for preparations is now, and let me tell you something… I am not ready! So, in the spirit of all things Holiday, I’ve decided that there will be no man left behind this season! This week, we are going to create a Holiday Checklist to keep you organized and prepared for this tumultuous end-of-the-year craziness! 

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November Checklist

  • Thanksgiving, Harvests, other celebrations
    • Date and Time
    • Guest List
    • Agenda (general)
      • If you’re throwing a big party or have lots of people and activities to manage, creating a general agenda will help keep you focused, organized, and totally prepared
    • Menu
      • From this you can easily generate your grocery list
        • Pro Tip: Make every gathering a potluck! The more food or materials others bring, the less you have to buy, prepare, or stress about! 
    • Miscellaneous Shopping
      • Decorations
      • Accommodations for any overnight guests
      • Holidays Presents for December (thinking ahead here!)

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December Checklist 

  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, other celebrations
    • Dates and Times
    • Guest List
    • Agenda
    • Menu - grocery list
      • Don’t be afraid to steer away from the traditional menu this year - it is 2019 after all! 
      • Prepare for leftovers
    • Decorations
    • Gifts 
  • New Years Eve (if I make it this far!)
    • Don’t throw the party this year
    • Enjoy someone else’s New Years Eve Celebration
    • Or stay home and have a self-care night. You deserve it! 


This is the checklist that I came up with for my November and December Celebrations. I hope this helps you guys stay organized and have a stress-free holiday season. I’m excited to continue talking about all the As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table! Alla Salute!