Turning an Oops into an Opportunity | Spinato's Pizzeria

Turning an Oops into an Opportunity

Last month, we had an order mix up at our Tempe location and ended up with 15 large pizzas and no one to eat them. Rather than toss so much extra food, we sent out a few extra pizzas with each order and dropped them off to feed the homeless along the way.

We ended up giving away all the pizzas to grateful, hungry people. It brought the whole team joy to provide a meal for someone in need, and our delivery driver Lexi said she was proud she could make someone’s day just a little brighter.

We too are proud of our Tempe family members for finding a creative solution to a mistake. Instead of focusing on the bad, they turned it into something good. The team has truly embodied our core value of serving and supporting our local community and the belief that we exist to enhance the lives of others.