Up Your Veggie Game this Summer: 5 Ways to use Fresh Veggies in your Summer Celebrations


Summer is here and boy is she strong! The summer heat makes it harder to do… well, everything. It’s a time to kick back and enjoy yourself a little more with friends and family - preferably in the air conditioning! Finding new and fun ways to keep things fresh (literally) is always a challenge. We are here to help! One of the best ways to keep energies high is through good company and even better food. Not just better food, better-for-you food. Veggies! Here are 5 ways to freshen up your summer with great produce.


1. Broccoli Crust Pizza
There’s no easier way to get your veggies this summer than a pizza! Our new Broccoli Crust pizzas are made with REAL BROCCOLI! They’re gluten free, easy on the body, and just straight-up delicious. And a bonus - some of these pizzas have veggie toppings to get a double dose of healthy!  Trust me, you’re gonna want to put a few of these in your cart on your next shopping trip.

2.Veggie Salad - with Spinato’s salad dressings

I know what you’re thinking: “A salad is already based with veggies. This isn’t anything new!” Well hold your horses, you haven’t heard me out yet! Instead of lettuce, try making the base of your salad out of your favorite chopped veggies. I like snap peas, peppers, and broccoli the best as my base. Then I add tomatoes, pickled onions (YUM!) and sometimes if I’m feeling really bad, I’ll even add croutons in there *gasp!* Mix all these up in a big bowl while tossing it in one of Spinato’s outrageously tasty salad dressings. And voila! A fun, different, and extraordinarily healthy alternative that is sure to impress guests!

3.Add veggies to pizzas

Have leftover chopped veggies from that awesome veggie salad you just made? Don’t let them go to waste! These next two recipes will put them to great use. Any fresh or leftover pizza, pasta, etc. that you have can be easily and healthily amped up with those chopped veggies you worked so hard on. Throw them in a skillet with your favorite seasonings and some oil, and put those bad boys on top of your meals. You truly can’t go wrong.

4.Veggie Juices

Alright, this one you caught me. Not too original. But still effective and delicious! And I know, not everyone has a juicer, but still, it’s so good it had to make the list. If you don’t have a juicer, I definitely suggest you treat yo’self and get one before the summer is out. Juicing veggies is easy, fast, and you can always add a little something extra to personalize your juices to exactly what you want them to be. Carrots, celery, cucumbers (the 3 C’s, if you will), beets, and peppers are perfect juicing veggies. Try to stay away from juicing raw leafy-greens, however; just cook them before juicing! And a little cheating secret: add an apple in there for a little extra sweetness to your juice!

5.Skip the ranch - Veggies and hummus!

Veggies and ranch are a classic combo, but the ranch sometimes steals the show! Don’t get lost in the sauce. Sub out hummus this summer instead. Way healthier and still delicious enough to scoop up with a carrot or two. Plus, kids still love it!


There are lots of ways to freshen up the summer, and I hope you found at least one that you will try to beat the heat with. Let us know in the comments which Fresh Veggie Recipe you’ll take home this week! As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table. Alla Salute!