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Welcome to the Spinato’s Family Kitchen

A place to create, cook and learn.

Spinato's Kitchen
We don’t have just any old kitchen. We have one that plays many roles in our process. We see it as our road to a brighter, better-tasting future. This includes 4,200 square feet of prep and kitchen space where we can make our own ricotta and fresh mozzarella, as well as fire-roast locally grown vegetables and carefully cook slow-roasted Italian beef. Methods like these come from time-honored traditions passed from family member to family member, like our Italian cousins who will teach us the authentic recipes they use in their two Verona gelaterias. We will also be making our own pasta, adding a fresh twist to the classic Spinato’s dishes that guests have loved for decades.
These delicious coming-soon opportunities are just a few ways our new Family Kitchen will make your Spinato’s experience even better. We will also be adding a quick-service marketplace where you can purchase some of our handmade ingredients and off-menu items to bring home to your family and prepare in your own traditional ways.

Beyond the dishes you know and love, our new kitchen acts as a laboratory—allowing us to experiment and diversify our menu offerings. We know we have to keep up and evolve with the fast-paced lives of our guests. Just like you never settle, neither do we in our pursuit of the best that pizza has to offer. Along with making the well-loved standards (dough, sauce, desserts, etc.), we have a dedicated test space for trying new recipes and the tools to whip them up. Our kitchen is equipped with advanced pizza-making machinery: a dough divider rounds and cuts 1,200 dough balls per hour and containment units cold-ferment our dough for 48 hours, leading to an airy, more flavorful crust. With the room and resources to try new tricks and make some magic, we’re excited to bring you consistent, delicious, family-made food.

The Spinato's Kitchen
The kitchen is a classroom. It teaches our family and our guests about where our food comes from and the process it goes through to become the delicious slice of heaven that ends up on your plate. It’s where we pass on classic techniques that started with Ken Spinato’s first pizzeria. But just as we learn from our origins, we know what we need to do to protect our future. We pride ourselves on practicing sustainable behaviors to reduce waste. Since everything we make in the Spinato’s Family Kitchen has your satisfaction and the wellbeing of our environment in mind, we know you’ll enjoy what comes out of it. Chow down, guilt free.