Why You should Join the Family


You might wonder why all Spinato’s restaurants as well as our Headquarters and Fine Foods retail division are closed today. December 9th doesn’t ring a bell for any national holidays, and I can’t imagine why a business would sacrifice a full day of operations during this pizza season! Spinato’s closes all of their doors - even the offices that keep everything running behind the scenes - one day every December for our Company Christmas Party! This is just one of the many perks of being a part of the Spinato’s family. In the spirit of the season, I’m going to highlight my top 3 perks of working at Spinato’s! But trust me, there are wayyy more than just 3.

      1. Company Christmas Party (and other holidays off)

There is a list of holidays that all of Spinato’s closes. These include national and bank holidays, as well as adjusted hours or days off for other common holidays. Extending this perk to our offices as well, our team members are always able to spend the holidays with their loved ones without the conflict of work in the way. In addition, every year the company throws a Christmas Party! Stores and HQ are closed that day and we all get together and celebrate the year and each other with awards, prizes, and connection over food, drinks, and fun! Paid for by the business so no cost to team members, Spinato’s truly puts people and connection first.

      2. Family Meal

TWICE a day Everyday in the restaurants, and every Wednesday for lunch in the offices, team members get Family Meal. Pizzas, pastas, salads - whatever you want! It may not seem like a huge thing, but trust me, in the service industry, a “lunch break” is a myth and a legend. But when we are provided with a meal every shift (remember, we get these twice a day so every shift gets fresh food!) right there in the back for us, it’s easy to stay nourished, energized, and HAPPY! It also gives us yet another chance to connect on a regular basis over great food with our coworkers.

      3.  Dress “Code”

Or lackthereof. In the restaurants, team members wear a denim or Spinato’s shirt, and jeans - no holes. That’s it! That’s the dress code! Any color jeans you want, any style of denim shirt you want. Name tags, aprons, and non-slips are a must of course, but employees are not restricted by a confined set of rules for dress - Hair colors, tattoos, piercings? Go for it! You are free to be you at Spinato’s. This goes for our offices too! You don’t have to be business formal every day. Jeans and a T-shirt gets the job done just as well. 


These are just 3 of the dozens of perks of being a part of the Spinato family that resonate with me in particular. Being able to grow into myself as I grow in the company at the same time has been invaluable. Join the Family! Click on the top of the page where it says Join the Family and see if Spinato’s is the place for you. As always, thanks for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table. Alla Salute!