Winter Break 2019


It’s that time of the year that just doesn’t slow down! There’s so much going on right now between your regular work days, kids are out of school, vacations, holidays, family gatherings, ahh! It’s not the easiest thing to stay on top of every aspect of the season, but I am here to tell you that we are all going to make it just like we do every year. So take a deep breath, get comfy, and take a few minutes to read about how to keep your family fed and entertained through all the hustle and bustle of winter time.


Kids are back home for the holidays and school is out. That means they’re home. All. The. Time. We love it! But how do you keep those growing tummies fed and happy? With the great news that you don’t have to cook every night - Spinato’s has food for everyone at your table, whether it be a large pizza for the family, or individual plates of pastas, sandwiches, and salads. Come in and relax at a Spinato’s location and let us serve you, or take it home/get it delivered and let the feast happen at home. Trust me, everyone wins this way.


Leftovers! Everyone knows that pizza makes the best leftovers in the world. Kill two birds with one stone and get dinner for tonight that doubles as lunch for tomorrow! That’s two meals that you don’t have to cook. Are you liking where I’m going with this? 


Spinato’s Broccoli Crust Pizzas are a must. Gluten-free, loaded with vitamins and protein, these frozen pizzas will satisfy any pizza-lovers craving. Pick up a few of these on your next grocery trip to Fry’s, Sprout’s, Safeway, or Albertson’s and pop them in the oven for a healthy and delicious meal to serve your family. 


Keeping kids fed, happy, and healthy is a balancing act at it’s finest. Spinato’s has your back. Let us be a part of your family’s holiday celebrations this year. We can’t wait to see you soon. As always, thanks so much for joining us at The Spinato’s Family Table. Alla Salute!